Top 40 Dazzling Christmas Nails for this Holiday Season

December’s on the way, but do you know what it’s bringing along? Sure, it’s bringing blankets, snow, and coffee, but let’s not forget the reason we all love and wait for December a bit more eagerly; it’s Christmas soon!

It’s officially the season to be jolly and merry, so what better way to show your holiday spirit than by adorning your fingernails with the most enchanting Christmas nails? From all the hues of red and green to the icy snowflakes, there are many options for your next DIY or nail appointment.

We have wrapped up the perfect gift for all you nail enthusiasts out there looking for a hint of inspiration to take off on your Christmas nails journey. So cuddle up and get your mugs, let’s unwrap the magic of Christmas together.

Red Christmas Nails

Let’s honor the classics first by looking at some breathtaking red Christmas nails. From a simple, elegant design to bold, creative designs, let’s paint the town red!

Check out these gorgeous red nail ideas, starting with a sparkly red abstract design. We also have an adorable Santa hat French tip that is sure to blow your socks off. And for the finale, we have a classic, shiny red snowflake design. These little crystal-like snowflakes are sure to leave goosebumps on your arms. 

red glittery Christmas nails with wave pattern


red french tips with santa hat art on the ring finger


Glittery red Christmas nails with white snowflakes


Red Christam nail art with multiple winter and Christmas element.


Bold red christmas nails


Green Christmas Nails

Talking about reds for Christmas and not mentioning green? That can easily land you a spot on the naughty list. We have found the perfect green Christmas nails for you to rock this Christmas. Take a look at this Santa portrait nail art. Combine it with some snowflakes, and you are good to go.

The next one is straightforward to recreate; just paint your nail a rich, luscious dark green, sprinkle some golden flakes on it, and you are done.

Capture various elements of Christmas by adorning candy canes, snowflakes, sweaters, and some glittery charm on your fingertips. Last but not least, we have a nail design that looks just like a gift waiting for you to unwrap it.

Green Christmas Nails with snowflakes and elf nail art


green and golden nail art design


Green christmas nails with golden combo


adorable green nails for Christmas


Blue Christmas Nails

Let’s dive into the cool, captivating hues of blue Christmas nails as we sled our way through the Christmas season. From the icy blues of snowflakes to the deep midnight blues, blue nails are perfect for this freezing Christmas. 

Starting with a combo nail design with French tips, sparkles, and snowflakes all in one. A chilling blue gradient with snowflakes sprinkled all over it is sure to encapsulate the ever-changing hues of the night sky this winter season. Lastly, we have a simple, glossy French tip nail design that is sure to exude elegance wherever you go.

Blue nails


50 shades of blue with snowflakes


Blue french tip nail art design and color combo


Golden Christmas Nails

Get ready to be showered in gold with these absolutely gorgeous, sparkly golden Christmas nails. These golden nails effortlessly elevate your look with a touch of elegance and festiveness.

Starting with these beautiful, sparkly, and cozy golden and white nails that exude warmth and elegance. You can encapsulate the merry spirit of Christmas by drawing these beautiful lines on your fingertips, or you can hang ornaments on your fingertips if you do not have a tree to decorate this Christmas.

golden nails with white accent knit nail art design


golden nails with spiral white nail art and snowflakes and knit design


Christmas lights nail art design


Christmas tree ornament nail art design


Silver Christmas Nails

Let’s dip our nails into the charming allure of silver Christmas nails. These nails, with their frosty, cool, and sophisticated charm, will transform your fingertips into shiny ornaments of holiday glamor.

You can combine a nude base and snowflakes with a shiny silver French tip, and you are good to go. Or you can combine the effortlessly beautiful icy snowflakes roaming on your fingernails with a shiny silver sparkle.

silver tips and snowflake nail art designs


nude and silver nail art design combo


Purple Christmas Nails

Are you a purple enthusiast and worried you won’t find any stunning designs? We have three utterly gorgeous purple Christmas nail designs just waiting for you to discover them.

This beautiful soft pastel purple design with the cutest reindeer design is sure to shock any reindeer coming your way. Combining an iridescent soft purple with snowflakes is always a good idea, and lastly, our favorite is this rich purple nail art design filled with snowflakes and jewels wrapped in dual hues of purple.

purple nails with reindeer and checkered nail art design


Purple holographic nails with snowflake art


matte purple and glossy plum nails with rhinestone snowflake nail art design


Burgundy Christmas Nails

Want to scream elegance and style in your look while also keeping your creative tick alive? We have collected some gorgeous burgundy Christmas nails that fit just the criteria. Let’s capture this Christmas spirit with the elegance and the allure of burgundy.

This basic burgundy and silver nail design is the perfect nail look for your next DIY, so effortless and beautiful. Have a sweet tooth? You can bring in a gingerbread man to sweeten up your look for Christmas. And lastly, we have a simple white and shiny burgundy design that exudes sophistication, perfect for any statement look.

Burgundy and silver nails combo for Christmas


burgundy and nude nails with diagonal strips and gingerbread Christmas nail art design


glossy burgundy nails paired with a nude burgundy ginger bread accent nail art


Burgundy and white geometric nail art


Pink Christmas Nails

Talking about colors and not mentioning pink, Barbie will not be happy about that. Let’s beautify our look by using the most popular color around the block, pink! We have picked out the best from the best to present you with our collection of pink Christmas nails.

Combine different hues of pink to make three different Christmas trees right at your fingertips, such a beautiful idea. Next, we have some snowflake magic accompanied by glitter and French tips. Lastly, we have the softest snowflake and Christmas tree pink nail inspiration that will give you the warmth you need this winter.

Glittery pink Christmas nails with matte pink nails topped with Christmas tree art


Pink Christmas nails


Metallic pink nails with snowflake art and french tip and accent of golden


baby pink and white nail art combo


pink french tip designs with mauve and whiite


Pink nail art designs


Nude Christmas Nails 

Let’s bring this softness and warmth of Christmas to the next level with some nude nails. Nudes are never a hit or miss; they always look fabulous and charming on everyone, so why not use these foolproof designs for Christmas?

Let’s start with a classic French tip nail with a sprinkle of snowflakes, glitter, and a touch of reindeer nose. 

white and nude nail art design


Nude nails with brown tips, reindeer and snowflake art


nude Christmas nails


You can also sprinkle some glitter and snowflakes all over your nude base and call it a day! And lastly, we have this adorable wreath design, just welcoming everyone into the coziness of Christmas. 

nude nails with golden nail art


nude nails topped with chunky iridescent glitter


Nude nails with wreath design on the tips


White Christmas Nails

How can we forget the ever-elegant white when talking about winter hues? For all those snowy mornings, we have the perfect white Christmas nails for you. 

Capture the true essence of Christmas with a blanket of white nail paint, throwing in some Christmas elements like stars, trees, snowflakes, and reindeer, with the addition of some golden and silver sparkles.

white nails with golden and silver nail art


white nails with golden reindeer silhouette and snowflake art paired with glittery silver nails


White Christmas nails


Final Thoughts

From classic red and green Christmas nails to icy gray and nude nail designs, we have a little bit of everything for you. Whether it’s a reindeer, a Santa hat, snowflakes, or icy glitters, your creativity will know no bounds with these gorgeous Christmas nail inspirations. 

Tell us which nail design was your favorite. Did we miss your favorite color? Which color are you going to paint your fingertips this Christmas? Tell us everything!

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