50+ Beautiful Spring Nails Ideas for 2024

50+ Beautiful Spring Nails Ideas for 2024

With the days getting longer and the buds starting to sprout, spring is finally upon us with all its glory. Celebrating these new beginnings means giving a fresh makeover to every aspect of our lives, including our nails. While nature awakens from its deep slumber, let’s get ready to welcome it by adorning our nails with fresh, colorful, and creative nails.

From delicate blossoms to pastel petals, from cute little buds to leafy vines, we have collected a little bit of everything to present you with the ultimate spring nails lookbook, filled with only the top picks of this season. 

Whether you are a nail artist, a nail enthusiast, or a DIY-er we are sure you will find multiple spring nail designs that are going to knock your socks right off. So without further ado, let’s dive into the flowery and fluttering world of spring nails. 

White French Tips 

White French tips combined with flowers or a touch of nature are such a classical yet simple way to capture the loveliness of the spring season. A clean delicate white line against a subtle contrast of nude backdrop creates a sophisticated look, perfect for any occasion.

White french tip nail with pearls

Credit: @heluviee

white french tip with floral accents on 2 fingers
white french tips with floral accents

Credit: @thehotblend

Credit: @vivianmariewong

Yellow French Tips

What’s spring without the warmth of yellow? Channel the liveliness of the sun with these cute spring nails that just scream warmth and coziness. The combination of yellow and white flowers dancing on your fingertips is sure to bring a smile to your face. 

yellow french tips with white flowers

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

green and brown french tips with floral accent nails

Credit: @thehotblend

Purple French Tips

Imagine all the fluttering hues of purple dancing on your tips, making cute flowers and bubbly clouds to lift up your mood. These spring nail ideas are so creative, that we are sure everyone will be asking you about them!

purple french tips with white polka dots spring nails

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

purple spring nails with flowers
purple nails with white flowers on the ring finger
Purple cloudy night sky view

Orange French Tips

Delightful orange tips with little white flowers, an orange bouquet, or a combination with electric blue, the list of spring nail designs never runs dry here at Galstation! 

orange spring nails

Credit: @vivianmariewong

orange floral nails

Credit: @thehotblend

orange french tips with white flowers, best spring nail ideas

Credit: @nailzkatkat

orange blue and white combo nails

Credit: @tessa.lyn.nails

Blue French Tips

Envision the clear blue spring sky, with fluffy clouds and beautiful birds scuttering around. The coolness and calmness of a spring sky filled with hopes and dreams of a new beginning fill you with hope and serenity. So let’s channel that to your fingertips, with little white and blue flowers adorned on your tips.

blue floral nails

Credit: @thehotblend

white base with baby blue french and flower

Credit: @thehotblend

cute spring nails

Credit: @thehotblend

powder blue nails

Red French Tips

Let’s start with our absolute favorite, flower French tips. We all love a timeless, classical French-tip look with flowers adorned on it. The whimsical delicacy of floral designs, paired with a timeless French tip, is the perfect recipe for the ultimate spring nail ideas, bringing the loveliest charm of nature to your tips. 

A nude backdrop, combined with different hues of red with flowers scattered around, is a fun way to encapsulate the fresh look of spring flowers, ready to bloom. If you want to see more beautiful red nails then check our blog dedicated to them.

red floral nails

Credit: @monika_nails

red spring nails


red french tips with floral accents

Credit: @thehotblend

spring square nails

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

floral spring nails in red

Credit: @thehotblend

Colorful French Tips

Did you think we were done with French tips? We still have a lot of them to go through. Check out this beautiful collection of colorful French tips, where black, green, or multi-colored tips are sure to bring the liveliness of spring to your life. 

cute green spring nails

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

multi color spring floral nails

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

black floral nails

Credit: @vivianmariewong

pink and white combo for spring nails

Credit: @thehotblend

pastel rainbow french nails

Credit: @thehotblend

Ombre Nails

Channel the transitioning hues of nature this spring with some of the cutest ombre spring nail designs. A simple nude backdrop with a spring nail color gradient melting ever so softly in one another, complemented by leafy vines or flowers is the absolute dream of every nail enthusiast. 

white to nude spring nails with leaf accents


white to pink ombre nails with floral accents


cute nails

Blue Flower Nails

If blue is your favorite color and you want multiple blue spring nail ideas to fully celebrate your love for spring and blue hues, we have just the list you need. These beautiful creative blue nail designs are sure to grab everyone’s attention. 

blue and beige nail combo

Credit: @sylwia.ka_1982

blue nails with nude floral nail design on ring finger

Credit: @nailsbypaulin

blue floral nail ideas

Credit: @nailsbypaulin

floral nails for spring

Credit: @mertinnails

Red Flower Nails

Talking about flowers and not mentioning the color red seems like a crime. The beautiful hues of red are not limited to roses only, they can be combined with beautiful white flowers or a dark leafy vine to ring out the richness of the color red.

red nails with floral accents

Credit: @artdecom

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Pink and Nude Floral Nails

A simple yet elegant pink and nude nails combined with beautiful bunches of white flowers is the utmost cozy and cute design you will come across this spring. Whether you go for short or long nails, the elegant hues of nudes with a hint of spring and a touch of glitter are a nail design that everyone can pull off on every occasion!

Credit: @stefanynails.art

elegant spring nails

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

cute glittery pink cherry nails
nude nails with floral accents

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

nude nails with marble effects

Credit: @matuszewsk.a

nude base with watercolor flower print

Credit: onglesonline.com

pink an white nails

Credit: @puro.nails

spring floral nails

Credit: @puro.nails 

nude base with white flower and golden accents

Credit: @monika_nails

Credit: @nailsbypaulin

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Purple Florals

These cute spring nails featuring all the different hues of purple are a perfect addition to your spring look. You can paint a beautiful purple shade on your fingertips while making a statement nail with white and purple flowers.

purple floral nails

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

purple and white nails
mauve floral nails

Credit: @nailsbypaulin

Yellow Florals

Yellow is a color of sunshine, warmth, and flowers; all things common and characteristic of spring. Let’s bring that warmth and shine to our nails this spring with these gorgeous spring nail ideas that are sure to brighten up your day. 

yellow and nude nails with floral nail designs
yellow and nude nails
yellow and nude nails
yellow and white nails with floral art designs

Green Spring Nails

The ultimate color that goes along with every flower and signals the coming of spring, green, is our utmost favorite for this spring season. These beautiful spring nail designs featuring green as their main color are sure to bring the liveliness of spring to your tips. 

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

green cute nails

Credit: @tessa.lyn.nails

spring nails

Credit: @tessa.lyn.nails

Colorful Flowers

You don’t have to limit yourself to one color only. Combine the various hues of spring on your fingertips in the form of little colorful flowers on a nude backdrop. 

Credit: @safinailstudio

Credit: @Dayanna

Credit: @thehotblend

Final Thoughts 

Spring is fast approaching, with all its beautiful and flowery glory so it’s only right that you are fully prepared for this blooming season by deciding your nail designs. Whether you choose French tips, colorful flowers, or monochrome spring nails, we are sure you are going to rock every outfit this spring season. 

So, tell us which one was your favorite, which color did you think was missing, and what outfits are you wearing this spring? Tell us everything!

P.S. Hello beautiful! We try our best to credit every artist for their art. If for some reason, we have missed you, please let us know so we can properly credit your work.

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