40+ Wedding Nails Inspiration for 2024

40+ Best Wedding Nails Inspiration for 2024 

Hello there, beautiful bride-to-be and fellow nail enthusiasts! It seems like your big day is approaching and it’s time to secure the final piece of your bridal puzzle, the one thing that’s gonna pull your whole look together, your enchanting wedding nails. 

Amidst all the chaos of wedding dresses and planning, you must not forget to adorn your fingernails with the epitome of elegance. After all, it’s the tiniest details that make the biggest impact. 

From the timeless charm of French tip nails to enchanting gradients of ombre nails, we have gathered a bit from every style to present you with the ultimate wedding nail guide. All to help you prepare for your big day. So without further ado, let’s dive into the magical world of wedding nails.

Ombre Nails

nude to white ombre wedding nails


Let’s start with a banger. These simple nude ombre nails with a touch of nature radiate elegance and sophistication perfect to pair with your boho wedding dress. 

Leafy Ombre Nails

White flower vine wedding nails


Want to channel the elegance of nature on your wedding day? These nails are perfect for you. With this delicate leafy pattern wound on soft pink ombre nails with a hint of golden glitter, you are sure to capture elegance on your fingertips. 

Lace French Tips

flowery lace wedding  nails


Who says French tips can’t be delicate? This breathtaking lace French tips design is sure to pull everyone’s attention towards you on your big day. Imagine yourself in a pretty lace wedding dress with matching delicate nails, we love it!

Flower and Pearls Wedding Nails

flower and pearls wedding nails


Combine a simple nude ombre base with flowers and pearls to create a perfect wedding look. You can adorn as many pearls on your nails as you like.

Flowery French Tips

white flower and french tip nails


Play a twist on the classic white French tips and throw in some statement nails adorned with flowers and little beads. These simple but classy nails are gonna be the talk of the town for sure!

Nude Squiggly Nails

Nude and white squiggly lines nails

Want a more classic and simple look? Don’t worry we got you! These simple nude nails paired with white squiggles will perfectly complement your wedding dress. You can even throw in a squiggle of your favorite color to make it more personalized. 

Bejeweled Wedding Nails

flower and jeweled wedding nails


Want to take your nail game up a notch? Adorn your light brownish nail base with gemstones and big shiny flowers to shine your way through your wedding day! 

Gem French Tips

gem french tip nails


If you love the classic look of French tips but also want something blingy and shiny, you have found the exact design you need. These timeless French tips combined with little gems are just what you need for your big day.

White Flower Wedding Nails

white flowers on nude nails


You can never go wrong with delicate flowers adorning your nails on your big day. These beautiful statement flowers on your fingertips will surely bring a smile to your face. If you are looking for a stunning icy look head over to our winter nails blog.

Glazed French Tips Nails

glazed nude and white french tip nails


A simple French-tip look with a shiny glaze on top just screams elegance. You can definitely pull off this effortless elegant look with ease. It’s even perfect for a quick DIY if you are on a budget. 

Glitter Nails

pink and silver glitter nails


Want your nails to be shimmery and glittery on your big day? We have a perfect nail design for you. These cute pastel pink nails with a statement golden glitter nail are just the thing you need to brighten up your day. 

French Tip Nails

nude nails with white and gold french tips


Let’s take a step back and go back to the classics. A nude base with a sharp white and gold glitter French tip is a beautiful and elegant choice for your magical day. 

Glittery Tips

nude nails with golden glitter wedding nails


Give a touch of sparkly gold or silver to your nude nails to enhance your overall look. Such an easy and effortless look!

Sparkly Nails

pink and silver sparkle wedding nails


Sparkle your way through your wedding with this beautiful nude and sparkly nail design. Let’s begin your married life with sparkly brightness!

Beaded Nails

White beaded wedding nails


You can never go wrong with a simple white nail look for your big day. Spice up the look with a few adorable beads and your nails will be the most elegant in town. 

White French Tip Nails

white french tip nails with gems


A classic white French tip with a little sparkly bead at the base of your nail is the recipe for the most elegant, simple, and sophisticated wedding nails.

Colorful Flowers

flower wedding nails


Are you also an absolute fan of flowers and vibrant colors like us? Then you will adore this colorful flower look that is sure to encapsulate your cheerful and colorful personality.  You can get more inspiration for floral nails in our fall nails blog.

Flowers and Glitter

white flowers and golden chunky glitter nails


Love flowers and want a blingy nail look too? Look at this beautiful fusion nail look with an elegant flower design paired with gold flakes glitter.

Gem Nails

nude and brown nails with gem line


Combine the muted earthy tones with a trail of gems to create a perfect fusion of wedding nail designs to fully capture your elegant and nature-loving self. 

Shiny French Tips

Shiny french tip nails with white beads


Decorate your classic white French tip nails with a touch of beads to complement the beading on your wedding dress. A perfect choice for classy wedding nails. 

Pink Ombre Nails

Pink ombre wedding nails


Wanna go back to the classics? Opt for a timeless baby pink glossy ombre nail design. It’s so simple but so elegant. 

Gold Flakes Tips

Gold flake on tips of nails


Love different shades of gold and want to beautify your nails with a touch of gold? You will surely love this design with a touch of gold flakes on the tip. 

Rose Gold Glitter

White nails with pink glittery nails


Give a spin to simple white nails with a splash of rose gold glitter on your nails. You can even match the color of glitter to the flowers in your bouquet, pulling the whole look together. 

Blue Nails

Blue and nude nails with gems and french tip nails


As the saying goes, brides should have something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue. Let this beautiful nail design be your something blue on this merry day. 

Crystal Gloss Nails

Nude nails with gems


Decorate your nails with the shiniest nude polish along with crystal or rhinestone placed delicately on the base of your nail. 

Gold French Tips

Gold Shimmer Wedding nails


Want a touch of gold on your shiny nails? We have just the thing for you. These beautiful shimmer nails lined with gold French tips are just the perfect combination for your big day. 

Flowery Ombre Nails

White flowers and pink ombre nails


Combine your subtle nude ombre nails with a nature-inspired whimsical statement nail to showcase your free nature. 

Champagne Chrome Nails

Champagne glossy wedding nails


Don’t limit the beautiful champagne color to just glasses. Bring elegance to your nails with these beautiful champagne chrome nails. It’s so simple but so glam!

Silver Pink Nails

Pink silver nails


Add a touch of silver flakes to your simple nude pink nails. Just lining your nail with a hint of silver will bring the world of change, just the right amount of bling!

Heart Nails

Pink and white heart wedding nails


Draw cute little hearts on your nails to embody love and happiness, because that’s what the big day is all about, right? 

Golden Glamour Nails

Gold flakes nails with black outlining


In love with gold and want to bring that love to your fingertips? Then, opt for these beautiful golden flake nails with a nude base and black lining to exude opulence with your tips alone. 

White Petals Nails

white petals on a nude base nails


Draw beautiful sharp petals on a nude backdrop with glitter lines flowing through your nails along with a touch of French tips. So many beautiful elements packed into just one wedding nails design. We love it!

Matte Flower Nails

Pink and white matte  flowers wedding nails


Tired of all the shine and gloss? Bring out your matte living self with this beautiful pink ombre nail design decorated with elegant pink and white flowers. 

Matte White Nails

Matte white nails with a hint of silver glitter


Another beautiful matte option is this ever-elegant white nail with a hint of silver lining. Isn’t this the most simple yet elegant design you have ever looked at? 

Black French Tip Nails

Black french tip nails


Who said French tips have to be white only? A black French tip with a hint of gold at the base of your nail is just the final touch you need on your big day. 

Silver Tips

silver glitter french tip nails


Beautify your tips with a touch of silver flakes on a nude canvas to bring out that effortless elegance.

Marble Gold Nails

Marble Gold nails


Impart the timeless elegance of marble on your fingertips with this beautiful nail look combined with a golden lining to bring out the gold tones. 

Long Flower Nails

Long matte flower wedding nails


Let’s not limit ourselves to short nails, show off your long nails on your wedding day with this beautiful baby pink nail design filled with little flowers. 

Long Marble Nails

Long marble peach wedding nails


Another beautiful long nail design for you. Combine the elegant peach tones with a white polish to bring the ombre and marble effect at the same time. 

Milky Nails

Milky white nails with flowers


These beautiful milky nails with a flower band are the cutest nail designs in town. It’s so simple but so cute. 

Nude Marble Nails

Brown nude marble wedding nails


Did you think we were done with marble nails? We saved the best for the last! These elegant nude nails with a touch of marble and gold, and they are the perfect nail design for 2024 weddings. 

Final Thoughts

From classic elegance to trendy styles, we have collected and presented a little bit of everything. Whether your style is timeless, subtle, or bold, we hope you find the perfect wedding nails for your big day. 

So which one was your favorite? Have you found the one? Tell us everything in the comments below! 

P.S. Hello beautiful! We try our best to credit every artist for their art. If for some reason, we have missed you, please let us know so we can properly credit your work.

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