40+ Trendy Halloween Nails to Spook Your Mind

October has begun, and Halloween is just around the corner. Soon enough, every corner will be decorated with skeletons, pumpkins, and everything dark and gloomy. From house decorations to Halloween costumes, there are many ways to indulge in this spooky season, and one of them is Halloween nails!

It’s officially time to join the 73% of people gearing up for this spooky Halloween. We don’t want you to be left behind, so we have made the ultimate Halloween nail lookbook to help you choose your next manicure.

So giddy up and let’s travel through a world of spiders and bats, blood and vampires, and skeletons and pumpkins to reach our final destination, a perfect manicure!

Spidey Sense

Let’s be honest here, we are all a bit scared of these eight-legged creepy crawlers. At the same time, we can’t deny they are nature’s greatest artists; the way their intricate webs shine in the moonlight looks hauntingly beautiful. So let’s bring that spookiness to your nails with these beautifully intricate nail ideas.

You can subtly hint at your Halloween spirit with a cute spider French tip look.

You can spice up this basic look with a purple nude gradient and French webs, or make those intricate webs stand out by surrounding the statement web nail with plain black French tip nails, or basic yet classy nude nails.

You can fully embrace the crawler spirit by painting your nails with pumpkin colors and spiderwebs. Throw in some patterns and glitter, and you have a fun nail look ready to go.

You can adorn your nails with a chrome spider web look to sparkle your way through the night. These short Halloween nails with a French tip design and cute dangling spiders are perfect for this Halloween season.

Ghost Nails

These cute Halloween nails adorned with friendly phantoms are just the thing you need this Halloween. While Casper and the gang are gonna roam the streets this October, you can capture them on your nails. These white ghosts are the perfect conversation starter and are sure to be a hit among your friends. 

We have gathered a big collection of ghost nails this time, so buckle up as we enchant you with each nail design. Let’s start with the basics: a nude base coat with white, adorable ghosts flowing on your nails. You will need a fine nail art brush to sketch out your ghosts and don’t forget to paint their little eyes and mouths. You can even add a touch of sparkle to adorable-ify your Halloween look!

Want something a bit more dark to capture the spookiness? You can darken your nail look by combining a black base with pearl-white ghosts flying around. Add in a touch of glitter, and you have a sparkling friendly ghost on your fingertips.

You can even incorporate black French tips in your Halloween look with this adorable ghost nail design that is perfect for any outfit you have in mind.

These cow-print ghosties and Frenchies are just the perfect look for this season. You can express your nature-loving personality while also celebrating the spooky season. 

Our personal favorite has to be these flowing, flowery that perfectly encapsulate your free-spirited nature and the essence of Halloween. 

Bat Beauty

Do you want to capture your night-loving nature and Halloween all in one look? We have just the right thing for you. Bats are the epitome of night creatures that bring an air of mystery with them. Their haunting wings flapping in the night sky sends a chill down your spine. Let’s bring that chill to your nails as well. 

To get this bat beauty onto your nails, you can start with a dark base and use a fine nail brush to draw these free-spirited nocturnal creatures. Adding a touch of chrome will give your nails the final touch of nightly sparkle they need.

You can bring your pet bats to a French-tip look too. Start with a translucent black French tip and sketch out deep, dark bats with a fine nail art brush to enhance those haunting wings. 

Pumpkin Halloween Nails

Talking about Halloween and not mentioning pumpkins? That’s like having no candy in your trick-or-treat bag. Pumpkins are the star of Halloween; they are Halloween’s pride and joy, so let’s bring these icons to our nails as well.

Whether you go for a Frankenstein pumpkin, a classy minimal look, or pink pumpkin French tip nails, we are sure everyone will be raving about your Halloween manicure.

For Frankenstein’s nails, start with a neutral base, take up your nail brush, and fill in the shapes with various hues of orange and brown, outline them with a luscious black polish, draw a few small horizontal lines, and you are done.

You can opt for a classical look by making a statement pumpkin nail design and painting the rest a deep brown color. French tip design for nails is all the craze these days, add a touch of pumpkins with them and you have created the perfect recipe for spookiness. 

pumpkin themed cute Halloween nails
Credit: @thenaillologist

Our personal favorite, however, has to be these cutesy carved pumpkin nails with their mischievous little smiles. The colors and carvings perfectly portray your love for this spooky season. Start with a light orange base, whip out your fine nail art brush, and draw vertical strokes with deep orange nail polish. Next is the fun part: draw out smiles and cute little eyes; whether it’s a pout or a crooked smile, we are sure it’s gonna look adorable. 

Snake Tips

Sssss.. did someone call for a snake? These snake-themed nails are the perfect way to add a touch of danger and mystique to your look. With their hissing tongues and slithering bodies, your nails will entrap all the spookiness.

Black French tip nails with snake silhouettes
Credit: @katiealice_nail_design

These snake-themed French tip nails are to die for. Start with a translucent black French tip with a nude base and get ready to draw snakes with your nail art brush. Dip into a deep black and draw out the outlines of these slithering creatures, with their tongues and tails all in their full glory. You might even hear it hissing if you get too close!

Vampire Blood

Vampires, with their fangs and bloodlust, have always fascinated and terrified us. From movies and TV shows to books, there is an overwhelming amount of vampire lore. Whether it’s the promise of eternal life, the thrill of roaming in the dark, or the appeal of the undead, vampires and blood make the perfect inspiration for your next appointment or DIY.

We have picked out the best vampire designs, especially for you. You can give a subtle nod to these bloodsucking creatures by using deep, dark shades and red jewels. With these next nails, you can fully embrace the spirit of vampires by making a statement: nails with blood drips, fangs, spider webs, there are so many options!

Want your nails to steal the show? Drip down some deep red nail polish on a nude canvas, telling a haunting tale of blood trickling down. 

Skeletal Nails

Let’s bring out our inner skeleton this week with a nail design that’s equally spooky and stylish. Whether you are going for a ghoul costume or trying to add a touch of supernatural love to your look, these cute Halloween nails are just the thing you need. 

Cherry skull nails are the most adorable thing you will see this Halloween. Cute little skulls hanging from cherry stems with wide grins and sparkling eyes are the perfect nail look for a cute nail DIY. 

However, these bony hands are putting up a tough fight for the best skeletal nails. You can even flaunt your skeletal knowledge while dipping into the Halloween spirit with these ultimate skeleton nails.

Smokey Nails

Want something a bit more whimsical and mysterious? We have just the thing for you. With these smokey nails, you are sure to channel the fog rolling onward as the spirit of Halloween spreads on every street and corner. If you are going for a gloomy look, such as Wednesday, these nails are a perfect match!

smokey halloween nails
Credit: @katiealice_nail_design

Scream Nails

Are you currently doing reruns of the Scream series this October? Let’s bring that energy to our nails with these bloody scream nails. Make a statement of nails featuring the masked killer and a dash of blood on the adjacent nails to fully immerse yourself in the role of the iconic masked killer. 

Scream movie themed Halloween nails
Credit: @loopsandbeauty

Black Halloween Nails

Oh, how we all love the deep black color. The way it lures you in and holds you captive. Let’s captivate others with black nails that are sure to leave everyone amazed. We have collected some of our favorites and are excited to share them with you.

Are you ready to be captivated? Let’s start with nails that have a little touch of black and end with the most gorgeous full black nails. First, we have these cute short Halloween nails, perfect for an everyday look incorporating many elements of the spooky season.

Black celestial-inspired nails are to die for. With their intricate and delicately drawn patterns, they are sure to be the talk of the town. 

How can we forget about a witch’s pet? Channel in that dark magic with these captivating black cat nails with their yellow eyes ready to devour you. 

Credit: @jane_nailsit

Lastly, we have our favorite black Halloween nails, a nod to a mystical dark forest with shadows and danger lurking at every corner. With a shiny black base and deep silhouette of foliage, you are sure to reign terror in your spectator’s hearts. 

Fusion Halloween Nails

Don’t want to restrict yourself to a single element? We have exactly what you need. Take a look at these fusion nails, combining a variety of Halloween elements for an all-in-one nail look.

French tip nails don’t always have to be curved lines; they can be ghosts, spiderwebs, or even blood dripping down! With these beautiful French tip nail inspirations, we are sure you are gonna rock that look at your Halloween party. You can mix and match different elements to make your own custom French-tip Halloween look. 

We are obsessed! These multi-elemental nails are the best way to add all your favorite things in one look. Whether you opt for a checkered look with cute icons, a chocolatey brown nail look with spiderwebs and ghosts, or the classical black and white Jack-o’-lantern look with spiders and skeletons, you are going to slay this Halloween.

These adorable ghost and flower nails look almost like a ghost taking a stroll in your garden. Adorable-ness intensified!

A killer manicure with black, chrome, and neon colors is sure to shock everyone who looks your way, and let’s not forget the classic pumpkin-colored Halloween nails that have become a must-have for this season!

Final Thoughts

Halloween is the perfect time to show your creativity and love for all things spooky to the world, so there is no need to hold back. Whether you like statement nails or a subtle nail look, we have gathered a hefty amount of Halloween nails that you can use for inspiration to enhance your outfit and take it to the next level. 

Did you like our collection? Did you think anything was missing? Which one was your favorite? Tell us everything in the comments below!

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