40+ Fall Nails Ideas for Your Next Manicure

It’s officially fall! The season of sweaters, coffee, and blankets is the ultimate coziness recipe. As September goes on, the world is getting a makeover with a variety of fall outfits, so why not give a makeover to our nails too?

With the leaves turning all shades of brown, let’s bring that warmth to our nails. We have scoured the internet and prepared the perfect guide for an adventure in the crispy world of fall nails, filled with all our favorite autumn nail designs.

So get your hot chocolate mugs, snuggle in your blanket by your window, and join us as we find the perfect nail design for your next appointment or even your next DIY at home!

French Tip Nails

Check out these gorgeous takes on French tip nails. You can pair up basic French tips with glitter, alternate them with a flowery pattern, or make a simple gradient of brown hues. Channel those beautiful, deep, and rich fall colors and show your creativity to the world.

Fall Foliage 

Create the most perfect fall nails with rich orange, brown, and green hues adorned with a breathtaking leaf pattern. These designs perfectly capture the essence of fall, channeling the warm tones of falling leaves.

These shiny fall nails are sure to steal the spotlight wherever you go. As the rain drops gleam on the fallen leaves this autumn, why not bring that shine to your nails as well?

Imagine a shiny top coat over luscious shades of autumn, along with accent nails adorned with a leafy pattern. That’s the perfect autumn look.

While glossy nails may steal the spotlight, matte nails are not to be taken lightly as well. Matte nails have a subtle yet sophisticated charm, perfect for any autumn look. 

Look at these charming, muted matte colors and the elegance they exude. Pair these gorgeous colors with contrasting leafy patterns, and you will WOW everyone.

fall nail art design with leaves design and dots

Our personal favorite from this entire collection has to be these beautiful brown nails that have all our favorite elements combined.

The leafy foliage combined with deep, lush hues of black and brown topped with a splatter of white dots. It’s the perfect nail recipe this season.

Nude Side Tips

Spin a subtle yet classic twist on the traditional French tips and go for side-tip nails.

Imagine a warm neutral base color paired perfectly with the rich, earthy tones of autumn with a hint of chrome or glitter. Can you imagine anything more perfect for this autumn?

Autumn Hearts Fall Nails

Express your love for this season with a heart-themed fall look. These chocolate hearts can be scattered across your nails or adorned on an accent nail.

These heart-themed fall nails are a perfect way of channeling all the warm hues of autumn and adding a touch of romance.

Fall Boho Nails

Capture the essence of autumn with a bohemian twist with these boho fall nails. Combine warm muted colors like rustic orange, olive green, and mustard yellow with geometrical shapes and accents.

Let your nails be a canvas for your free-spirited self, and enjoy this fall season to the fullest. 

Fall Fades

Nothing can go wrong with some timeless ombre fall nails. Make a stunning gradient of fall hues on your nails, starting with deep shades melting into soft elegance. 

These ombre nails will make a perfect everyday look, going well with every outfit.

Fall Marble Nails

Imagine your nails painted with swirling, whimsical patterns, channeling the look of a polished stone in autumn shades. You can enhance this look by adding gold flakes or gems, making them look even more charming

Elegance and sophistication embedded in your nail beds with a touch of fall are sure to capture the season’s essence.

Fall Brown Nails

What else captures autumn better than some classic brown nails? Look at these different gorgeous fall nail designs. Whether it be a zebra print, gold flakes, or simple French tips, you can incorporate these elements in brown hues for your next appointment or DIY!

Squiggle-y Fall Nails

Channel your artistic and playful side with this squiggle twist on fall nails. You can adorn your nails with whimsical and free-spirited squiggle lines, just like the carefree spirit of autumn.

You can choose from a variety of fall hues: forest green, pale nude, rich orange, or even deep burgundy. There is so much to choose from.

Fall Fusion

Do you want to celebrate fall but still can’t quite let go of spring? Don’t worry, we have just the thing for you! Look at these beautiful floral fall nails that channel the spirit of both spring and fall. 

Credit: @tessa.lyn.nails

You can add a touch of mountains to your coffee-colored nails to attract chilly winds all the way from winter. It’s quite easy to recreate: start from the lightest shade, work your brush into the shape of the mountain, switch to a darker shade, and make another hill in front of it. Keep doing it until you have these perfect nails.

Short Nails

More of a short-nail girl? You can rock these short nail designs this fall. Grab your fall-themed nail polishes and a thin brush, and style away.

Whether it is a flowery pattern, French tip, and leafy combo, or a beautiful dotted line, we are sure you will rock these autumn-inspired short nails.

Final Thoughts

Fall is officially here, and with its arrival, there is a world of fall nail possibilities to discover. Whether you choose French tip nails, short nails, or marble nails, you are sure to capture the essence of falling on your tips perfectly.

Did you find inspiration for your next appointment or DIY? Which one was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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