30+ Stunning Winter Nails for Your Next Manicure

Do you want to complete your winter ensemble with some fabulous winter nails?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to adorn my nails with some chilling nail art designs. Whether you are planning to attend a party or are out and about for the day, we bring you a wide range of winter nail designs.

The chilly season calls for a variety of colors, from frosty blues and snowy whites to rich burgundy. Oh, and how can we forget the bold festive reds and emerald greens? Wintery nail art is often accompanied by loads of glitter, silver, and gold accents, along with some cute animals.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get ready to be inspired!

Blue Snowflake Nails

Are you looking for an icy manicure with blue nails, glitter, and snowflakes? Then this is the one for you. Start with a blue base on all your nails, then the thumb and middle finger are lined with white halfway through in a wave pattern and then powdered with some glitter on the tips. Lastly, apply a glitter top coat or powder to your middle finger and adorn it with white snowflakes.

Blue winter nails with glitter and snowflake art

Credit: @tasia.nailedit

Black Snowflake Winter Nails

Want to give a gothic touch to your winter wonderland? Then you will love these nails. Grab your black nude and white to embark on an icy black journey. Adorn your nails with either black or white snowflakes falling on a nude or black base. Finish your manicure with a touch of glitter.

black nails with snowflake art

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

full black nails with white snowflake art

Credit: @fabysnails

Blue Glittery Nails

These simple blue winter nails are both breathtaking and elegant. Use glittery blue nail polish and pair it up with some nude and white nail polish for an ultimate chilly look. Paint some French tips and white snowflakes to bring your winter wonderland to life.

nude base nails with blue glitter french tips and white snowflakes

Credit: @_dreamynails1_

nude base nails with blue glitter french tips and white snowflakes

Credit: @thehotblend

Pink Winter Nails

For the base, use bubble gum pink nail polish. On the index and little finger, draw cute white snowflakes with rose gold stones in the center. On the middle finger, draw white and rose gold diagonal strips.

Pink winter nails with white and glitter rose gold accents

Blue and Pink Combo

Winter brings some cool combos, such as pastel pink and blue. You can either go with French tips, using one color as a base and the other for the tip, and add some knit texture to it as well. You can also use these colors on your nails as a base and then add a glittery top coat and snowflakes to complete your manicure.

pink and blue winter nails

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

pink and blue glitter nails with snowflakes
blue and pink snowflake nails

Credit: @nailsbypaulin

Nude Snowflake Nail Designs

For this elegant nail manicure, you need a sponge. Swipe nude and white polish on the sponge side by side. Then dab that sponge onto your nails, and it will create a fabulous gradient nail for you. Using the gradient as a base, add random snowflakes of different sizes on each nail, and voila!

brown and white gradient nails with white snowflakes

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

nude gradient snowflake nails

Credit: @michelmagalli

Warm Color Combo

Want to warm up the chilling weather? Then this manicure is for you, featuring warm tones in a way that cools down the icy weather. Use a combination of brown, green, and beige on your nails. For a statement nail, get a knit design on your ring finger.

warm tone color combo for winter nails

Credit: @aimeechaplin_nails

Blue Winter Nails

Winter nights are both magical and eerie, with a dark blue sky and crisp white snow on the ground. To depict these starry nights on your nails, we have gathered a collection of nails. Have a look and get inspiration for your next manicure. From French tips and glitter nail polish to intricate designs and snowflakes, we have something for everyone.

dark blue and silver glittery polish nail ideas

Credit: @matuszewsk.a

Blue french tip nails

Credit: @thehotblend

metallic blue nails with white nail art

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Funky wavy blue tips

Credit: @thehotblend

Elegant dark blue nails

Credit: @thenaillologist

White Winter Nail

Drape a blanket of white snow on your nails this winter. Winters and snow have a deep connection, and with winter approaching, we have gathered some cute winter nail designs for you to try. From French tips to snowflakes dancing on your nails, we have something for everyone.

white snowflake nails

Credit: @knot.nails

Credit: @nailsbypaulin

white French tip and golden snowflake manicure

Credit: @tiffanyaabigailebeauty

Purple Nails

These purple nails are the perfect pop of color you need to complete your winter outfit. Start with a nice gradient from purple to nude. Seal it with a top coat, and draw some white stars and a moon on your nails to mimic a starry night on your nails.

Purple starry night nails

Credit: @vivianmariewong

Grey Nails

Grey nails are perfect for cozy winters. They are the subtle touches you need to elevate your outfit. Whether it’s a knit design or snowflakes, you can add various characters to your nails to complete your manicure.

Grey knitted design winter nails

Credit: @learnahstarbuck_nailartist

Grey nails with snowflakes and ginger bread

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Burgundy Nails

These burgundy nails are simple, ooze sophistication, and embody elegance. Perfect for any occasion, whether formal or a casual family gathering, these nails will be the talk of the town. The hint of gold takes this manicure to the next level.

Classy and elegant burgundy nails. These simple winter nails are best for any formal occasion

Credit: @nailsbypaulin

Silver Glitter Nails

Winter is the season for cool tones, and silver is the king of cool tones. Adding a hint of silver can upscale any manicure. Imagine what it can do when you use it as the main color. OHHH girl! You are in for a treat. Here are some of our sliver winter nail ideas you can choose from.

silver french tip nails

Credit: @thehotblend

silver winter nails

Credit: @nailsbypaulin

sliver and white combo minimalistic manicure

Credit: @erika.miller.b

Red and White Nails

Have everyone in awe with this beautiful red and white manicure. Keep the thumb and pinkie simple by painting them red. On the index finger, get a knit design in white. On your middle finger, go with a check design. Lastly, for the ring finger, use red and white with a hint of gold to complete the manicure.

Red and white winter nail ideas

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Green Nails

These simple winter nails are a show-stopper. Let’s start with the easy part, use glittery green nail polish to paint your thumb, middle, and little finger. Using white nail polish, draw a leaf pattern on your remaining nails and fill the gaps with the green color.

Green winter nail designs

Credit: @amanda.sudolll

Powder Blue Nail Designs

Snowflakes and blues are a staple of winter. Let’s combine them both to get the ultimate winter nails for this season. Add a touch of silver to complete your manicure.

light blue french tip snowflake winter nail designs

Credit: @matuszewsk.a

light blue french tip snowflake nails

Credit: @nailsbyalsn


The best thing about wintery nails is that they can upscale any winter outfit and match your style and mood. Whether you want simple winter nails or eye-catching, bold ones, we have nail designs for every occasion.

There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to nail design. So get your nail polish and start painting your nails. If you need inspiration, then you have our blog for unlimited winter nail ideas. 

Let us know which winter nails you are going to try this year.

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