25+ Spooktastic Halloween Makeup You Need to Try

Are you looking to complete your Halloween ensemble with a boo-tiful Halloween makeup look?

Halloween is surely a makeup holiday where you can experiment with vibrant colors, use different techniques, and craft makeup looks that will turn heads.

Halloween is widely celebrated in the United States, with over 70% planning to celebrate Halloween in 2023. We see kids trick-or-treating in the streets and teens and adults partying in their best Halloween costumes. Halloween has something for everyone.

Everyone wants to look spooktastic from head to toe, and while your costume slays, you need a makeup look that matches your Halloween theme. Whether you want a simple eyeliner look or a full-face makeup look, we have something in store for everyone.

From spider webs and fangs to blood and stitches, we want you to rock this Halloween with the best makeup look. Therefore, we have gathered some freaky and spooky makeup looks just for you.

So grab your makeup brushes and some eyeliner and get ready to bewitch everyone!

Bat Wing

Let’s start simple with a bat, the classic symbol of Halloween and dark, eerie nights. Let’s fly high with a bat-wing eyeliner look. Firstly, lay the foundation for your liner then go in with a warm tone eyeshadow on the eyelid and lower lash line with a white highlighter in the inner corner. Then draw the batwing on top.

Bat wing eyeliner with neutral eyeshadow makeup

Credit: @adjustingbeauty

You can take this bat look to the next level by adding bats to your cheeks and sprinkling rhinestones in their way. With this look, you can go easy on the eyeshadow and highlight the eyeliner more by outlining it with a vibrant orange color.

Bat Halloween Makeup

Credit: @makeupwithmilie_

Bloody Halloween Makeup

During Halloween, you will encounter people with different styles. Some like to dress up cute and like a favorite character, while others go down the route of looking scaretastic. We have gathered some bloody but classy makeup looks for you to try this Halloween.

You can bamboozle everyone with this bloody eyeliner. Start with prepping your eye, and then go in with some red liner to sketch out the cut. Don’t forget to add in some blood drops to make it look real.

cut crease

Credit: @alicekingmakeup

How about full-face makeup, but a little classy? Well, have a look at this blood-splatter makeup look embellished with rhinestones. Finish your makeup with a bold red lip, and you are out the door.

Bloody splatter with rhinestone makeup look

Credit: @dominiqueallisonx

Fairy Dust

If you are a Winx fan, then you will love this one. With whimsical wings and trendy glittery outfits, Winx was the iconic fairy group. If you want to be a fairy this Halloween and are inspired by Winx, try this wing makeup look.

butterfly fairycore makeup

Credit: @stenss

Looking for something easy? Then look at this beautiful glittery makeup with white liner in the shape of wings and sunkissed blush topped with white freckles. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Credit: @odesy

If you are not confident in your makeup skills and still want a fairy-wing look, then I have the hack for you. You just need a temporary butterfly tattoo. Place the tattoo on the outer corner of your eye, wet it with a damp towel, remove it, and voila, you have intricate wings on your eyes. Add some final touches with rhinestones, and you are ready to fly all night.

butterfly makeup using temporary tattoos

Credit: @melodiousbruno

Chucky Halloween Makeup

I don’t know about you, but that doll was scary PERIOD! If you are looking for a scary Halloween makeup look, then you should go with Chucky. Start with red snatched eyeshadow makeup, and add some freckles. Don’t forget to draw some stitches on your face to make it look extra creep-tastic.

scary Chucky Halloween makeup

Credit: @stenss

Pumpkin Patch

Jack-o-lanterns are a staple of Halloween. From scary to cute, you will see them around every corner. So why not incorporate them into your makeup? Try these Jack-o-lantern-inspired eyeliners this Halloween with a pop of orange eyeshadow, whether it’s on your eyelid or undereye.

You can even draw cute little pumpkins around your eyes or as freckles. They look really cute floating on your face. These pumpkin-inspired makeup looks are a showstopper for any party.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Looking for an easy Halloween makeup look? Try neutral matte eye makeup with spider webs. It’s chic and on-trend with Halloween. You can pair it up with a witch costume and a pointy hat, and there you have it a witchy spell that will enchant everyone.

spider web liner

Credit: @raincornelius

Want an even more low-key spider makeup look? Then try this subtle, nude, cute crease with black winged eyeliner that has a white web attached to its side with a cute spider dangling below. It’s a very subtle way to be festive. 

itsy bitsy spider

Credit: @theearthgoddess

Joker Halloween Makeup

You can always find someone at a party dressed up as Joker. So why not try it out this year? The Joker makeup look mostly emphasizes the bold red lip that is stretched out to form a smiling face that hides the madness behind it. Add some purple eyeshadow and green hair and brows to complete the face makeup.

joker scary Halloween makeup

Credit: @glambygladyss

Halloween Fusion Makeup

Can’t decide on one specific makeup look this Halloween? Why opt for one when you can add multiple Halloween elements to your makeup look? Take all the ingredients of Halloween, throw them in a cauldron, and cast a witchy spell. Start with an orange and purple eyeshadow look. Then add in various Halloween theme elements such as ghosts, candy, stars, pointy witch hats, bats, and more.

Addams Family Halloween Makeup

When thinking of Halloween, the iconic Addams family comes to mind with their kooky and ooky ways. You can have a group Halloween costume with you and your friends dressed up as one of the Addams family members this Halloween.

Coming back to the makeup look, we have Morticia Addams soulless eyes adorned with black cut crease makeup, highly chiseled cheekbones, and a jawline. Complete your makeup with a bold red lip, and you are ready for Halloween.

Credit: @snitchery

Clown Halloween Makeup Ideas

Clowns are not only funny but also have a dark side to them. If you have watched IT, then you know Pennywise. We have an easy Halloween makeup look inspired by Pennywise in the IT movie. Start with a red lip, and from its corners, extend red lines up to your eyes and above your brows. Make these lines point at the ends. Finish this look with a red circle on your nose, winged eyeliner, and a white pencil on your lower lash line.

easy Halloween makeup

You can go for an even more scary Halloween makeup clown look. Start with a red liquid lipstick and use it on your eyelids and under your eyes, then smudge it. Apply black liner, and on the undereye, make a triangle facing downwards. Smudge it using black eyeshadow. Complete this creepy look with some dots below the pointy triangle.

Clown makeup

Credit: @aboutfacebeauty

Witch Makeup

Let’s cast a witchy spell on everyone! Wanna be with us this Halloween, then you have to try these looks. Create a mystical air around you with these witchy looks. You can opt for a full goth black look for your witch makeup or one with a splash of color.

Another popular witch makeup is done by simply using black eyeliner and drawing mystical letters, lines, dots, moons, and stars on your face. Pair these symbols with glittery eyeshadow and some rhinestones, and you will bewitch everyone.

Ghost Eye Halloween Makeup

BOO! Scare everyone with the cutest ghosts floating across your eyelid, having fun. For this makeup, grab your black liner and draw a thick black line across your eyelid. Then, using a white eyeliner, draw some ghosts wrapped around the black line, outline these ghosts, and draw their faces. Add a dash of glitter to your inner corner, and there you have it.

Credit: @jessielynniac

Let’s Wrap Up

Get in touch with your inner creative side this Halloween and whip up some mystical and terrifying Halloween makeup ideas. Let the spooky spirits free and have them cast a hexellent spell to bewitch everyone. 

Let us know which Halloween makeup you are going to try this October. Have a magical time trick or treating!

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