15 Best Trendy Halloween Nails Ideas for 2023

Boo!! It’s Halloween!! Well, not currently, but it’s never too early to start prepping for this spooky season. From makeup to dresses, we all want to look our spookiest but let’s talk about Halloween nails first.

Whether it’s creepy spiderwebs or bloody nails, they are sure to spice up your look and keep the spooky Halloween spirit alive. Even the subtlest of wickedness on your nails will leave everyone haunted!

So if you are an early bird like us and want to get ahead of everyone, look no further. Here are some Halloween nail ideas we have picked from the best Instagram nail artists for your next DIY or appointment.

Skeletal Spookiness

What better way to encapsulate Halloween than with skeletons and bones? You see skeletons hanging out on every street in October, so why not bring them to your nails too?

These short Halloween nails are endearing and bony, guaranteed to turn heads and bewitch everyone.

Skeleton nail art design for Halloween

Credit: @beautytrendnails

Hallowing Nails

Now if you are not sure what kind of nails you want and just want an overall vibe of the spooky season with a hint of color?? You are in the right spot!

With stars, moons, pumpkin colors, and a dash of spiderwebs, these are the cutest short Halloween nails. Now you are all decked out to enjoy and spread the Halloween spirit.

Celestial theme Halloween nails with orange accent.

Credit: @beautytrendnails

Pumpkin Halloween Nails

Cast a spooky spell this Halloween with a pumpkin concoction. These haunting orange grins adorning every porch have become a staple and iconic part of Halloween, so why not adorn them on our nails too?

With these ultimate cute Halloween nails, you can add some color and embrace the true wickedness of Halloween.

pumpkin theme nails design with a touch of ghost

Credit: @m.kiensnails

Spider Spectacle

Can you even imagine Halloween without these eight-legged creepy crawlers? Spiders and their little homes have become a must for Halloween, whether it’s in the form of decorations, costumes, or spooky late-night tales.

With these classy Halloween nails, let these spiders weave their chic web on your fingernails, capturing the attention of everyone who looks your way.

Egyptian mummy theme nail design for Halloween

Credit: @helenmelonbeauty

Sinister Spiders

Are you looking for a simple and easy-to-do nail design this October? Then you have entered the right web!

With these black Halloween nails, you have captured both elegance and spookiness right at your fingertips!

Black nails with spiderweb and cross accents

Credit: @davincisalonspa

Eerieness Intensified

Are the above options too simple and not creepy enough? Don’t worry! We have plenty of Halloween nail ideas. These jet-black nails adorned with silhouettes of bats and creepy zombie hands are all you need for this Halloween.

This hauntingly beautiful nail trend is sure to leave everyone spellbound and enchanted, so what’s the wait?

Movie themes nails

Credit: @dreadesignsbeauty

Cute Halloween Nails

Cuteness and ghosts don’t really go together, do they? Well, we thought wrong! Just look at these cute Halloween nails; you will be fawning over them all day long.

With these adorable little ghosts, French tips, and a bit of Halloween magic, let’s celebrate this spooky season with an adorable BOO!

cute halloween nails

Credit: @lizbeth.dips

Red Splatters 

What’s Halloween without a touch of crimson? While the color red may be associated with love and passion, we must not forget the essence of blood in this haunted season.

Prepare to make a bone-chilling statement that tells a tale of mystery and intrigue with these splatter-red Halloween nails.

Bloody nails

Credit: @akinotsume

Dripping Red

Do you want something put together and simple but still hauntingly beautiful? Well, here you go. These simple Halloween nails with deep blood-red hues dripping with elegance are sure to turn heads and spook your peers.

With a nude backdrop and blood-red drops, your outfit will have an ominous boost of intrigue for sure!

Classic French tip nails with a dash of bloody drips.

Credit: @indigonailsny

Nude Halloween Nails

Don’t want something with too much color or contrast? We have the perfect thing for you! Throw in a bit of spookiness in neutral colors, and you have a subtle, sophisticated, and spooky charm at your fingertips.

With different shades of brown, a spiderweb, and ghosts to accompany you, these classy Halloween nails will make elegance your second name and spookiness your third.

nude nails with Halloween accents

Credit: @nailzbyshan

Darkness Inbound

Let’s be honest here: Halloween nights are the best nights of the year! With creepiness and spookiness lurking in every corner, hidden in the shadows is the mystery of the night, and it’s hard not to get swept up in the haunting charm of the spooky season!

These dark, mysterious, mist-like black Halloween nails are perfect if you want to encapsulate this exact charm of Halloween. With the moon, stars, bats, and even dark fog on your side, it’ll be easy to spook and enchant anyone.

Dark night sky adorned with bats, stars and moon

Credit: @hannahbananagram

Mystical Mist

Hold on! We aren’t quite done with misty nails yet. Feast your eyes on these breathtaking black and white ombre nails. Aren’t these perfect for adding mystery and allure to your look?

Black shadows swirling inward and consuming the innocent whites of your nails are such a perfect way to capture the dread and spookiness of this season, sending shivers down everyone’s spine.

misty nails

Credit: @akinotsume

Creepy Crawlers 

How can we forget about the creepy crawlers that linger in every corner of darkness, slithering away in the night? Embrace the spine-chilling thrill of creepy crawlers as they slither and crawl, spelling an enchanting tale on your nails.

With these breathtaking pale white nails, a dash of creepiness, chains, and a steady hand, you are sure to bewitch everyone with your nails alone.

insects and wide mouth nail art with metal accents

Credit: @akinotsume

Slithering Snakes

Want to slither into the darkness and evoke fear in the true Halloween spirit? We have just the right thing for you!

These hauntingly purple nails, resembling the shimmering scales of serpents, are sure to mesmerize everyone who glances your way. A touch of iridescent shimmer on your tips, and you can draw in your prey anytime and anywhere!

purple tentacles nail arts

Credit: @akinotsume

Halloween Parade

Not sure which vibe you want to go with? Spiders, bats, witchcraft, ghosts, or celestials—there’s so much to choose from! So why not take everything and turn it into a Halloween parade, marching on your fingertips?

With these spooky nails, you are sure to encapsulate the true spirit of Halloween by having a bit of everything spooky on your tips.

Nail art with all the Halloween elements like stars, bats, moon, ghost, spiders and spider web

Credit: @everklara

Final thoughts

Whether you choose creepy crawlers, blood-red nails, or spiderweb nails, each one of them tells a haunting tale of spookiness. So let your nails be the medium between your world and the world of mysteries, bewitching and attracting anyone who glances your way.

Let us know which one of these spooky Halloween nails is your favorite and how you are going to adorn your fingertips this Halloween. Stay spooky!!

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